An inspired video can be a vital tool in promoting your business, services, and products.  As technology grows, so do viewers’ expectations.  The branding of a company may be the most important tool for a company’s success!  How will you be recognized?!

Larry DeMark offers high quality, creative and innovative videos than will visually market your company and help to get the exposure that you deserve.

We offer full service video productions.  From concept to completion our staff will work hand in hand with our clients to make sure all of your video marketing goals are not only met, but exceeded!  Our goal is to produce a high quality work of art that will speak directly to your consumers and leave a lasting impression on the minds of viewers.



With hundreds of television markets, television commercials are one of the best and most cost effective ways for your business to reach a wide range of viewers.  As of 2012, the average American watches nearly 4 hours of television per day.  Over 30% of that time is spent watching commercials... you do the math!  No other medium is as effective in creating awareness of a business in the minds of viewers.



There is a reason that companies like YouTube and Vimeo have recently become some of the largest in the world, everybody loves to watch videos! A web video can be a very versatile tool, helping businesses to focus their marketing, communications and training efforts through a variety of creative outputs.  We produce commercials, short films, documentaries, music videos, and business branding videos, for a variety of businesses.  For every project we try to bring fresh, new, creative, and innovative ideas to our work, no matter what the outlet may be.